Community Room Policy


A. Person or Group Use: The community room of the library will be available to those persons or groups who meet the criteria as stated in our mission statement.

Areas of the Library other than the community room could be considered for cultural and educational events if they meet the criteria as stated in our mission statement.

B. Rules:

1. All groups wishing to use the community room and/or other areas of the library must check with the Library Director and sign the required forms.

2. No smoking will be allowed in any area of the library at any time.

3. Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

4. The user will be responsible for clean-up after each session.

5. Maximum number of people will be whatever is proper and prudent and will meet any prevailing fire codes. Care shall be taken to keep all exits clear.

6. The library will not provide storage space.

7. Use of the equipment is limited to groups with an authorized and qualified operator, and only on library premises.

8. Renewal of the agreement will be at the discretion of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees.

9. Use of Community Room is available only during normal operating hours.

C. Cancellation: The library reserves the right to cancel use of the library at any time if the user does not comply with the conditions as stated. Rules shall be enforced by the Library Director or duly authorized representative of the library. In the event of cancellation, advance fees will be returned on a pro-rata basis with any damage liability subtracted.

Official library functions shall supersede use by any other group. However, it shall be the responsibility of the Library Director to notify the user one week in advance when cancellation is necessary.

It shall be the responsibility of the user to notify the Library Director if a scheduled use of the library is cancelled.

D. Fees: For those persons or groups offering their time voluntarily for the educational and/or cultural benefit of the community, no charge will be required, but this does not preclude a voluntary donation.

E. Hold Harmless Clause: Persons or groups using the library for other than official library business will hold harmless the library staff and the Board of Trustees from any bodily injury or property damage claim arising out of use of the library and may be required to sign a form to that effect. (See Attachment #1) A certificate of liability insurance with an amount establish by the Board of Trustees is required; currently a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence is required.