Mission & Policies

Mission Statement

The Nassau Free Library is a chartered not-for-profit institution dedicated to improving the quality of community life in the community.  The library achieves this goal by protecting intellectual freedom and encouraging lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

To accomplish this mission the library:
  • Provides convenient access to a wide range of cultural and educational materials,
  • Preserves and presents information on the social and historical development of the Nassau-Schodack region,
  • Sponsors and promotes community cultural events,
  • Seeks opportunities to collaborate with civic, municipal, community and volunteer organizations.
Adopted by the Nassau Free Library Board of Trustees 16 July 2014

Library Policy

I. Community Room

II. Overdue Materials

III. Materials Selection

IV. Internet Use

V. Unattended Children

VI. Patron Behavior

VII. Emergency Plan (Located at Library Front Desk)

VIII.  Membership

IX. Video, Dvd, CD, Loans to Juveniles

X. Computer Bookkeeping

XI. Year End Financial Oversight