Unattended Children Policy

  1. Unattended Children Policy


To ensure your child’s safety and sense of security, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Know when the library closes!
  2. Pick up your child 15 minutes before the library closes.
  3. Have a way for your child to reach you if the library should close earlier

An “unattended child” is defined as any child below the age of 16 whose safety and well-being is threatened by being left unattended for an inappropriate length of time considering the child’s age, maturity and level of development.

Children, aged 9 or younger, may not be in the library without being accompanied by someone who is 16 or older.

Please verify operating hours prior to leaving a child at any public facility.  Parents are advised that staff cannot take responsibility for children left unattended.  If a child is left at closing more than once, parents will be charged for the overtime paid to staff waiting with the child.

If the problem persists, the right to use the facility may be revoked.  If children are left at the facility 30 minutes after closing, the Nassau Village Police will be called for assistance.

The library is not responsible for children who exit the library unattended after they have been dropped off by parents.

Originally adopted by the Board of Trustees July, 2007